Risk warning binary options

Trading in financial markets in general, and especially the trading of binary options, is highly speculative and extremely risky. The total loss of the invested capital is possible.

Price fluctuations can occur at short notice. Traders can realize in terms of acquired binary options in a short time high profits or losses, but also a total loss of their invested capital.

In addition, traders agree to be aware that gains from financial market transactions, including binary options, can not be guaranteed.

For that reason, binary options trading should only be carried out with "risk capital". Risk capital is by definition an asset that is expendable in terms of the survival and well-being of the client. It is up to the client to assess whether binary options trading is consistent with his or her financial position and investment objectives.

If the client is not aware of the risks inherent in binary options trading or the various trading rules and policies of the brokers presented, the client is hereby requested not to make use of the brokers' services on this website to take.

The broker's website and services are aimed exclusively at experienced traders, who are financially secure even in the event of a rapid loss of price or total loss of their investments. The client must carefully consider whether such engagements are beneficial to him, that he has the resources and that he can live with the consequences of his decision.

We urge all traders to seek tax and legal advice before trading binary options and making transactions.