Professional courses for housewives in india

Professional Courses For Housewives In India

Professional courses for housewives in india

Professional courses for housewives in india

Professional Courses are the course in which one studies about the various professional skills and competencies that can help the learner in the earning of their livelihood and running the life in the affordable manner. There can be various short, medium and long terms Professional Courses and has the variety of options to choose from. We can divide these courses into various segments like diploma courses , certifications courses , vocational courses , employability courses, up skilling courses, customized courses, technical courses and many others. These courses can be of any duration like 3 months to 5 years. In such courses aspirants choose any sector in which they want to enter and grow. For example one can wish to become a doctor or an engineer or a management professional.

Now he has to enroll into the related course as per his need and interest. He or she will get all the required concepts and learning in that particular field and after that look for any appropriate employment to get the benefit of that.

Professional Courses For Housewives In India Video

Professional courses for housewives in india

Today it is the time of globalization You should be expert in many fields together to become more successful. Long terms courses give you a degree or diploma which is helpful to get a job. If you have any other specific knowledge of your field along with your degree it will be counted as your skill. Short term courses are the best medium to improve your skills.

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The idea behind LIPS is to bridge the gap between our existing education framework and the evolving business landscape. It will be our effort to identify such gaps and offer best possible training modules so as to benefit the individual and the industry at large. With the growth and penetration of internet and mobile we believe the basic framework for businesses in future would be based on the convergence of internet and mobile platforms hence we have launched our courses in Internet and mobile space.

Coversion from CPC to ecpm,. With the increase in usage of PHP platforms we at Lavenir institute of professional studies believe the designed PHP training course will equip the student with an excellent career growth. SEO Course is all about optimising your webpages to rank amongst the top few pages on various search engines.

Introduction to short term courses

Post HSC, students are confronted with multiple choices. Indian colleges and universities offer wide range of courses. Higher studies after 12 th standards come in two categories: Archaic Indian education system permits students to opt for these studies provided they have passed HSC exams in corresponding subjects. For example, students who take science subjects for HSC usually enroll of BSc while those with commerce studies go for B.

Women planet is an attempt to get all those and not only women as the perceived notion may be together who believe that women are as equally a part of this world and hold immense potential to make a real difference. We believe in the power of unity. We are looking at this website as a platform to get not like-minded but people from a diverse background and different walks of life together and share experiences that could effect one another. Women Planet is a sounding board for those who need an ear and a hearing platform for those who want to sit back at give someone an ear.

Eligibility for Professional Courses


Here, he shares 7 interesting start-up ideas for homemakers. The author is the founder and CEO of Edfin Consultancy which provides strategy and financial consulting to a lot of promising businesses. All you need to do is create a menu, arrange the kitchen to professionalise it, get the packing in place, reach out to office areas with simple fliers or through friends who are working in offices and put in place a delivery mechanism like a part-time delivery guy or a cabbie. And you are in business! W ith schools mushrooming all over the country, there is a growing demand of school uniform makers. Nowadays, even business schools, medical and law colleges are making it mandatory for students to wear uniforms.

To get started with, one needs to establish connections with schools or uniform manufacturing companies and provide dresses at convenient prices. The most important skill in this business is man management and getting work done through tailors.

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Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

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Professional Courses For Housewives In India

NIIT courses for housewives - StudyChaCha

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Professional Courses For Housewives In India -

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