Hand craft work at home in tamil

Hand Craft Work At Home In Tamil

Hand craft work at home in tamil

Hand craft work at home in tamil

The various crafts of Tamil Nadu are mostly created in the remote villages and towns of the state and exported all over the country. Tamil Nadu is known as the temple state of India as the state has some remarkable temples with beautiful and intricate figures and carvings. The history of the state is thousands of years old. The culture of Tamil Nadu is ancient and rich. This is also a perfect destination for religious people.

The state has a touch of everything including hill stations, beaches, cities and so on.

Hand Craft Work At Home In Tamil Video

Hand craft work at home in tamil

Home based manufacturing suits arts and crafts products that do not require economies of scale and complex machinery. Five such popular work from home art and craft jobs include manufacture of gift baskets, picture framing, faux painting, stained glass, and scrapbooks. The gift basket business is a low-cost, low overhead business that ranks among the most popular work from home arts and crafts jobs.

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craft work in tamil


Handicraft is the technology of the hand. A fine object is planned not only to be aesthetically pleasing; it is basically a skilled explanation as well to a specific need. In Tamil Nadu, numerous local village and country traditions have survived through the course of altering history, giving and taking among them. Handicrafts in Tamil Nadu were, in a way, cherished as an important part of our rich cultural heritage. Now though this sentiment continues to be rekindled, there is a pronounced change in the general attitude towards crafts, which is completely upsetting our basic sense of human values. For, though handicrafts helped to fulfill a positive physical need in the daily lives of the people, they also served to satisfy the aesthetic hunger in man and provided a vehicle for his urge for self-expression, which revealed itself in a conscious aesthetic approach.

Work From Home Opportunities in Arts and Crafts

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Various arts & Crafts of Tamil Nadu


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Tamil Nadu Art and Crafts

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The Handi-craft - Man's first Technology

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The Hand Made Crafts of Tamil Nadu


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Tamil Nadu handicrafts

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Hand Craft Work At Home In Tamil

The Hand Made Crafts of Tamil Nadu | HubPages

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Hand Craft Work At Home In Tamil:

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