Guaranteed investment certificate

Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Guaranteed investment certificate

Guaranteed investment certificate

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC is a term deposit that offers a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed time period. GICs are most commonly issued by Canadian banks or Trust companies. In most circumstances [1] they are covered by deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation CDIC or a provincial deposit insurance program. GICs with a term of less than 1 year are considered cash equivalents and are alternatives to money market funds or high-interest savings accounts HISA.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate Video

Guaranteed investment certificate

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Guaranteed Investment (Interest) Certificate - GIC


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GIC Tools & Calculators

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DEFINITION of 'Guaranteed Investment (Interest) Certificate - GIC'


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What is a GIC

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

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Protect and grow your investment

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Choose from Three GIC Families

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Why Choose a Scotiabank GIC?

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Guaranteed Investment Certificate


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Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) | CIBC

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Guaranteed Investment Certificate:

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BREAKING DOWN 'Guaranteed Investment (Interest) Certificate - GIC'

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