How much do real housewives get paid

How Much Do Real Housewives Get Paid

How much do real housewives get paid

How much do real housewives get paid

The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted in March of and since then has become a pop culture phenomenon. OK Magazine is revealing how much the women get paid to bring the drama to Bravo! And the top earners might surprise you! The Real Housewives of New York debuted in March of , and the highest earners are the two original ladies who have been on the show since Season 1. Still, not too shabby. My name is Nicki.

How Much Do Real Housewives Get Paid Video

How much do real housewives get paid

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How Much Do 'Real Housewives' Get Paid? NeNe Leakes Is Top Earner Across Franchise


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How Much do the Real Housewives of Atlanta Make RHOA Cast Salaries Revealed!

The Real Housewives’ Salaries Revealed! How Much Do The Housewives Get Paid?

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How much "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast members get paid

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How Much Do Real Housewives Get Paid

The Highest Paid Real Housewives |

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How Much Do Real Housewives Get Paid:

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