Highest paid housewife

Highest Paid Housewife

Highest paid housewife

Highest paid housewife

By Mail Online Reporter. Just a few months after hinting she may leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes is now the highest paid reality star on a network known for its reality stars. Scroll down for video NeNe has been with the show since it premiered in and has become a bit of a brand name for Bravo. The Wedding, which revolved around her second wedding to husband Gregg Leakes. The platinum-haired star donned a chic charcoal grey suit showing ample cleavage under her jacket.

Highest Paid Housewife Video

Highest paid housewife

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NeNe Leakes Is The Highest Paid Real Housewife! How Much Does She Make?


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Bethenny Frankel and NeNe Leakes scramble to be the top earner for 'Real Housewives' franchise

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Teresa Giudice, Snooki among highest paid reality TV stars


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Highest Paid Housewife

Which of the 'Real Housewives' is the highest paid? | immobilier-lille.eu

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Highest Paid Housewife:

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