Paragon investment management

Paragon Investment Management

Paragon investment management

Paragon investment management

Paragon Investment Holdings PIH is a leading private equity and business management company with diverse holdings and its headquarters located in Windhoek, Namibia. With this goal in mind at all times, Paragon has remained committed to skills development and transfer amongst its broad and diverse pool of employees; improving employment equity between women and men; and the indirect empowerment of other Namibian-owned businesses. Through its skilled and dedicated management, as well as its integrated, connected, and responsive organizational structure, the company continues to be exemplary within the Namibian business sector, achieving its goals in a transparent and accountable manner. Since , Paragon has followed its entrepreneurial spirit, diversifying its investment portfolio and seeking new commercial ventures in local, national, and international markets.

Paragon has, thus, continued to acquire companies and do business that is in line with its vision of creating value and building strength from business asset diversification and creating optimal value for its employees and its shareholders. Desmond co-founded Paragon Investment Holdings and has more than 10 years experience in the management of media, advertising and retail.

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Paragon investment management

Get clarity and control over your financial life and focus on living the life you really want. See how we help you do it. Prior to becoming a division of United Capital, Paragon Investment Management was established in A paragon is a model or pattern of excellence; one that exceeds expectations.

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Paragon Investment Management

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Key Executives for Paragon Investment Management, Inc.

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Paragon Investment Management

Paragon Asset Management, Inc.

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