Multilateral agreement on investment

Multilateral Agreement On Investment

Multilateral agreement on investment

Multilateral agreement on investment

It sought to develop multilateral rules that would ensure that international investment was governed in a more systematic and uniform way between states. When its draft became public in , it drew widespread criticism from civil society groups and developing countries, particularly over the possibility that the agreement would make it difficult to regulate foreign investors. International direct investment has been taking place in various forms and to different degrees for over a century. The first BIT, between West Germany and Pakistan , was signed in [3] and their numbers have grown steadily since then, although research suggests that BITs do little to increase foreign investment.

While authorizing the negotiations, the OECD Ministerial Council aimed to reach a "broad multilateral framework for international investment with high standards for the liberalization of investment regimes and investment protection and with effective dispute-settlement procedures".

Multilateral Agreement On Investment Video

Multilateral agreement on investment

Fact Sheet Friends of The Earth-US February 19, Proponents of free trade and globalization have turned their sights to the next target for liberalization and deregulation--foreign investment. Recognizing that foreign investment has become the main force behind economic integration, multinational corporations and industrialized countries are advocating a Multilateral Agreement on Investment MAI.

Require countries, including states and localities, to treat foreign investors the same as local companies.

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Multilateral Agreement on Investment


The US, eager to avoid interference from poor countries, considered the OECD Council a "safe" body since only rich countries are members of the organization. Secret negotiations took place from until when an OECD source leaked a copy of the draft agreement to a Canadian citizen group. The draft gave corporations a right to sue governments if national health, labor or environment legislation threatened their interests. However, the negotiations failed in when first France, and then other countries, successively withdrew after pressure from a global movement of NGOs, citizens groups and governments of poor countries. MAI opponents saw the agreement as a threat to nationalsovereignty and democracy and argued that it would lead to a "race to the bottom" in environmental and labor standards.

However, rich governments continue to push for similar investment provisions in regional trade agreements and the World Trade Organization WTO. These efforts failed again, however, as a group of more than twenty poor countries united in demanding a fairer trade deal.

Articles on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) in the OECD

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Multilateral Agreement On Investment

Multilateral Agreement on Investment — Global Issues

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Multilateral Agreement On Investment -

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